Sholto Crow – Art Director.

Design & Direction of moving images


Art Direction

Star Wars Squadrons

Direction of In-Game Cinematics


Title Sequence

Universal Studios – Jurassic World Ride

Art Direction

Mercedes Maybach


Ready Player One

Art Direction

BBC – The Pandemic’s New Poor

Direction, Design, Animation

Cyberpunk 2077

Creative Direction, design

AT&T – Christmas Commercials

Art Direction

Intel – AI for Financial Services & Manufacturing

Art Direction

UI Candy

Direction, Design, Animation

Callebaut Collective

Direction, Design, Animation


Animated Short. A man unwittingly instigates Armageddon. Hilarity ensues.

Adidas POD System

Art Direction, Design

The Daily Telegraph – Words Chosen Well Refresh

Design, Animation

Crowmotion Reel 2019

Art direction, design and animation work, 2017-20

BT Sport Motion Language

Motion Language

Digital Painting

Ongoing personal project

Channel 4 – Working with Weinstein Promo

Design & Animation

Cantine: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs W&W – Crowd Control (Official Music Video)

Music video for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Shakespeare’s Globe

Art Direction, design, animation

Framestore LA – The Bus to Canton 360

360 Virtual Reality Animation - Design and Direction

Comic Relief 2015 – Red Nose Day

Design and animation of all on-screen graphics

Crowmotion Showreel 2017 – work from 2015 – 2017.

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