Shakespeare’s Globe

Territory Studio

I was given an open brief at Territory to interpret these quotes from King Lear to be used as motion posters in the foyer of the legendary Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare is brought to life.

Using a lot of texture and designing them like old paintings meant the pieces could feel timeless but also obscure enough to suggest settings and characters without being too specific about their nature. Each quote was accompanied by a paragraph of contextual reference explaining the passage in the play and deconstructing some of the meaning. The modern typography, using the Globe’s typeface, brings them into the present and helps them to feel modern and relevant which, of course, they are.

I loved creating these animations. Jordan Ahmadzadeh, Head of Digital, Shakespeare’s Globe says ‘Working in partnership with Territory Studio to bring these quotes to life was a real pleasure and we couldn’t be happier with the final shorts. They perfectly conveyed the themes of the tragedy that we wanted to explore and share with our audiences before they experience the show for themselves. They are truly mesmeric and we can’t stop watching them.’

A Territory Studio project
Producer: Alice Ceresole