Universal Studios – Jurassic World Ride


I art directed the record-breaking Jurassic World Ride content for Framestore in 2019. As well as the content in the main ride we created the longest ever queue film, a mock TV channel which adapts to the time of day and the weather through Framestore’s Labs ingenuity. The film stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt and BD Wong and crosses numerous sets and sequences, from Dr Wu’s Lab to the Raptor Pen.

This edit showcases the Dinosaur Profiles sequences, the most elaborate and ambitious mini films in the show. They are key to setting up plot points for the ride. The project involved a lot more beyond these films, with fictional TV channel branding, daytime interview show lower thirds and screen inserts, even an eggcam… It was a lovely project to be involved in.

Directed by Chris Waitt
Producer: Victoria Lovejoy
3D: Simon Graham & Andy Niven